Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Awakening Joshua-6-7 months

Joshua is now 7 Months!  He has definetely reached "the awakening" period.  I don't know if I heard that somewhere or if I just named it that because babies finally come realize that there is a lot of really cool things within their grasp.  He has started eating solids and is loving it.  He still smiles continually and at anyone who pays him attention.  He has 2 teeth.  He finally started sitting up (closer to 7 months), he also finally rolled from front to back.   He is still pretty much bald and I love it.   Here are his 6 months stats:

Height: 29 1/4 inches 97th percentile
Weight: 18 lbs 12 oz abd 60th percentile
Head : 46 cm  It's big.


Mackenzie said...

wow...he's getting so big!

Ami said...

He is so cute! All of your boys are darling. I love seeing your updates!