Sunday, August 29, 2010

Soccer and Swim

This summer both Gavin and Eli took soccer classes and both improved.  Gavin has learned that you don't always have to score.  He still isn't super aggressive with the ball.  He will run super fast to get the ball, but then stop and let the other kid chasing the ball get it.  

Eli has enjoyed it as well, but only for about 15 minutes and then all he wanted to do was pick up sticks and rocks.  

Gavin also was able to take swim this year.  He has LOVED it.  He has even learned to swim.  Of course, he still has a lot to learn, but he has loved it. 

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Future Paleontologist

During Gavin's last couple of month's of school, he would come home reciting random facts about dinosaurs. He started naming all different kinds of dinosaurs. I was surprised at all he learned. He later disclosed that he learned it from a book on tape that he listened to during listening center at school. His teacher gave him the book on his last day of school He has been asking to go see the dinosaurs at the American Museum of Natural History ever since that time. We finally went this past weekend. We would see a dinosaur and I would ask Gavin to name the dinosaur and could name almost everyone I pointed to. He could even tell me why. For example because the Tyrannosaurus Rex has 2 nail claws and the allosaurus has 3. He is our little paleontologist.

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This is my brother

On Saturday we were eating at our favorite burger place, Shake Shack. Boyd was the preferred parent all weekend because the boys hadn't seen him all week, so while eating, Boyd was sandwiched between the 2 boys on one bench and I was across the table on a bench all by myself.   Eventually, Boyd broke free and came to my side. The boys asked Boyd why he went over to the other side.  Boyd kissed me and said, "Because this is my sweetheart." Eli stared at us for a few seconds and then put his arms around Gavin, gave him a big kiss, looked directly at us, and said, "This is my brother."

It was such a sweet moment. Gavin even told the story in his class today when he was asked to share a story about someone who loved him.
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Friday, August 20, 2010

Jersey Shore Part 2

Surprisingly, most of Boyd's family is now on the Eastern half of the country. So, it made sense to organize a reunion somewhere out here. We decided on Ocean City, New Jersey (along the Jersey Shore).  The beach was great and the cousins all got to spend some great time together.  We are glad that nearly everyone made it! 

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Jersey Shore Part 1

This year for our vacation we rented a house in Ocean City, NJ.  The first half our trip we split the house with friends and the second half we spent it with Boyd's family. 

Here are some pics from the first half of our trip!

We were there over the 4th of July and we were able enjoy beautiful fireworks right on the beach.  We had been told that day that we had to secure a spot early.  So, being the New Yorkers that we were we got our spot early in the day and enjoy the whole day at the beach.  We made people stay, so that we didn't have to lose our spot.  By the time the fireworks started there were very few people near our spot on the beach.  I guess we we are just used to New York city crowds!

We had a blast.  It was so wonderful to be with such good friends.  We ate great food, played hard, tried to play games, and laughed into the late hours. We will have some fun, lasting memories from our trip.

A Birthday Surprise

On Gavin's actual birthday, June 28th, Gavin got a great surprise -- Jane, and the whole Brunson gang!

They stayed with us on and off for the next 2 weeks and we had so much fun catching up, playing, venturing out on outings, and just laughing.  We have missed them so much over the last year.  We are glad that we got to spend so much time with them. 

They have been gone almost a month and we miss them!

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