Sunday, August 22, 2010

This is my brother

On Saturday we were eating at our favorite burger place, Shake Shack. Boyd was the preferred parent all weekend because the boys hadn't seen him all week, so while eating, Boyd was sandwiched between the 2 boys on one bench and I was across the table on a bench all by myself.   Eventually, Boyd broke free and came to my side. The boys asked Boyd why he went over to the other side.  Boyd kissed me and said, "Because this is my sweetheart." Eli stared at us for a few seconds and then put his arms around Gavin, gave him a big kiss, looked directly at us, and said, "This is my brother."

It was such a sweet moment. Gavin even told the story in his class today when he was asked to share a story about someone who loved him.
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Monica Rich said...

So sweet.

EdaMommy said...

How precious that is! Such sweet little boys!

Tara said...

Love that story! Love those boys!

Julianne said...

That, is precious!