Sunday, August 22, 2010

Future Paleontologist

During Gavin's last couple of month's of school, he would come home reciting random facts about dinosaurs. He started naming all different kinds of dinosaurs. I was surprised at all he learned. He later disclosed that he learned it from a book on tape that he listened to during listening center at school. His teacher gave him the book on his last day of school He has been asking to go see the dinosaurs at the American Museum of Natural History ever since that time. We finally went this past weekend. We would see a dinosaur and I would ask Gavin to name the dinosaur and could name almost everyone I pointed to. He could even tell me why. For example because the Tyrannosaurus Rex has 2 nail claws and the allosaurus has 3. He is our little paleontologist.

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Lindsay said...

He's awesome! Have you guys ever watched Dinosaur Train on PBS? Luke LOVES that show. You guys are lucky to have a dinosaur museum close by!

Liz Green said...

Smart kid!