Tuesday, June 9, 2009

So Proud

Gavin gave his first talk this past Sunday in primary and he made his mommy and daddy so proud.

Elder and Sister Nolte, also known and Grandma and Grandpa and mom and dad, finished their missionary training. They crossed the border into Mexico on Sunday and drove down to Tampico beginning their missionary adventure. Luckily Gina got married the weekend they finished their time in the MTC and I got to see them when I was in town for the wedding. I was so proud to see them with their missionary name tags.

I was able to to attend my dear friend Gina's wedding/sealing in the Salt Lake Temple. She looked so beautiful and more importantly so happy. I was so proud seeing her marry the person she has patiently awaited.

I was able to attend the wedding with both Monica and Julia and feel so proud to have such amazing friends. It was a very nostalgic trip for me. I wished that Boyd could have been there with me to share in the excitement and I wanted him to somehow know that part of my life. For fun, I am showing a picture of us then and now. Thanks Monica for the pictures.

Monica, me, (laura), and Julia / summer of 1999 Salt Lake Temple

Monica, me, and Julia / Summer of 2009 Salt Lake Temple

I don't have a have a pre-picture with Gina...


Ryan said...

you all look so great! I'm so happy for Gina. I need to send her something. I got a year right?

Matt and Rebecca Walsman said...

ahhh...fun to see some old Paris friends together.