Friday, November 7, 2008

While I was away

I am pretty sure that my husband and 2 boys would have traded me in for my parents after spending a week with them. One of the reasons I knew I could leave my boys for 6 days was because they would be with my parents. My boys had it pretty good.. Here are some things they did while I was away.

The guitars were out every night..

Gavin and Eli spent many hours at the playground.. Keeping Grandma and Grandpa busy!
They even went to the Central Park Zoo

Gavin learned some of his grandpa's "rooda" language, Grandma kept they yummy food on their plates..Boyd and Gavin made a family tree. Gavin now understands that Grandma and Grandpa are my mom and dad.
Thank you Grandma and Grandpa


Ryan said...

fun. i bet your parents loved it. I like the harmonizing with Boyd and your dad.

cheyney webb said...

I have never actually enjoyed listening to Yankee Doodle until now. What great grandparents!

David and Jana said...

I just caugt up on your blog! I am so happy that you got to go back to Paris! What a fun fun trip that must been! And it looks like your parents enjoyed the kids and the kids enjoyed them, too! Yay for Boyd for being so understanding! That must have been hard for him to not have you around for so many days! I loved seeing the pictures. I love to see you so happy in all your adventures. I think of you every time I have to enter my confirmation date. It's your birthday! :) I sure love you Em!

Pomona Noltes said...

That was a fun thing to watch/read. Gavin and your dad were so cute together. He will treasure that video when he's all grown someday with kids of his own.

I had no idea Boyd could compose harmony on the spot. That is one talented husband you married. Tell him I was quite impressed.