Sunday, November 2, 2008

Jesus wants me for a sunbeam

Today, Gavin surprised Boyd and I by saying he wanted to get up in front of everyone at church. He wanted to go on the stand. I don't think he really knew that we would be "bearing his testimony", but Boyd brought him up there and with a little help he told everyone he knew Jesus loves him. It brought tears to my eyes. While Boyd stayed and bore his testimony, Gavin stood next to him looking so proud. When he came and sat down he kept saying, "but I want to sing." "I want to go back up there and sing." I realized why he had this sudden desire to go up to the stand. Last week was our primary program. He really wanted to be up there with them last week. In his mind, he was going to have his opportunity this week. I know he is going to love being a Sunbeam.


rach said...

That is so cute...He will be the kid that you can hear above all others in the primary program--the one that makes you smile :)

Jamie Curtis said...

Gavin is adorable!! I hope it's okay I link you guys on our blog!!

You guys are great!!