Monday, July 14, 2008


At about 4:40 today I received a knock on my door. It took me a bit to get to the door and when I get there, I hear someone shout, "POLICE!" I was a bit shocked and opened the door. They asked if everything was OK, and then asked if someone had called 911. "Ummm, No, not that I know of..." I replied. They asked if maybe a little one had done it and he looked directly at Gavin. But, Gavin had been asleep. Then I recalled that Eli had been playing with the phone about 10 minutes earlier. Oops. The officers were really nice about the whole thing. I can not believe that my 10 month old called 911 already. I think this is an indication of the things yet to come.


rach said...

oh man, I can't believe he did that. I am glad nothing WAS wrong!

Ryan said...

HA! Atleast a swat team didn't kick in the door.