Thursday, January 31, 2013

Joshua-first year

One year stats: 33 1/2 inches 23 lbs Here are a few memories of things Joshua was doing by the time he turned one: Joshua;a first year was very special. I was able to really enjoy each stage that he was in. He was by far my most cuddly baby. He would squeeze you and even pat you on the back when he hugged you. He smiled easily, even for strangers. He gave high fives to anyone and everyone. His first word was "duh" for done. It was said at the high chair whenever he was finished eating. It was very clear. He started crawling at 9 months. He took his first steps when he was almost 14 months while watching General Conference. I especially loved singing to him at night because as soon as I started singing he would kick his legs in excitement and snuggle up tight. He really didn't care for reading books. He usually would last about a page of a book before you tried to get down. He really didn't like much food, especially vegetables. He loved to put his head down, with his bum up in the air (downward facing dog). I think he was even opening doors before he was walking. Gavin and Eli adored him (almost a little too much, see pic below) He really was a baby with a lot of love to give.
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Monica Rich said...

In that first picture he looks like a mini Boyd. And love the headlock! So funny.