Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pine Valley

Another highlight of our time in St. George was our trip to Pine Valley. It was as good 15 degrees cooler (if not more) in Pine Valley. Plus, it is incredibly beautiful there. We visited the oldest Chapel still being used for services.

 We started out our first visit to Pine Valley by attempting to go fishing. We never caught anything and it was frustrating for both Boyd and Grandpa. Boyd was even hooked by Eli. But, the boys had their first attempt at fishing, so that is good. But, the best part of Pine Valley was hiking through and along the water. The kids absolutely loved it and loved being "explorers". We had so much fun we had to return when Ben and Kelsey arrived with their kiddos.

I am going to add that after our 2nd trip to Pine Valley we drove in the worst hail/rain/wind/lightning storm I had ever experienced.  We could literally not see anything out our window at times.   Several homes near my parents actually flooded.  I am just grateful we made it home safely!

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