Sunday, July 1, 2012


Our dear friend Naomi and her two daughters came to visit New York a couple weeks ago. It was so wonderful spend time with them again. They moved to New York just before Gavin was born and they moved just before Eli was born. It was a very important time in my life and Naomi was a good friend to me at that time. It was great to have friends together again. It was great for all of us dear friends to catch up. I don't have any pictures of us at the Great Wolf Lodge (indoor water park), but we all went with a group of friends for a night. It was like the kids had never spent any time apart. They were thick as thieves.


ClinTeeny said...

Your life looks so fun! Your boys are beautiful. Love catching up with you on your blog!!

Rachel Messel said...

I love catching up with your cute family, you always have great pictures!