Saturday, April 16, 2011


The boys have been playing a lot of chess these days.  Gavin will wake up in the morning and ask Boyd to play first thing.  They have even played in the park on the chess tables.  It is fun to see him take and interest.  Eli usually plays for a little bit and then abandons the game.  Boyd will step in and attempt to get out of the "mess" Eli usually leaves for him.  It is Boyd's challenge. 

Saturday, April 2, 2011

It's a....

BOY!  That's right, we are going to be having another BOY! 

Boyd, Gavin, and I went to my 20 week anatomy scan this week.  We decided to bring Gavin because he has been so excited about this baby. He has wanted to see pictures and asks every week if he can more pictures, so we decided we had better let him come. 

There has been no hiding the fact that I have really been wanting a girl to add to our little family.  I felt very strongly that it was going to be a girl.  I even had her name all picked out. (Louisa) (I am going to still use that   if we every have a 4th and she happens to be a girl, so don't steal it!  ahhah) 

The ultra sound technician announced within the first few minutes, "It's a GIRL!"  WHAT?  I teared up.  I was so happy.  I could hardly believe it.  Then about 4-5 minutes later, she said, "umm, I am going to try and get a better look, because I think I am seeing something down there."  Sure enough, she saw "something" down there.  There was no mistaking that "something" determined it was not a girl, but in fact a boy. 

I am not going to lie and say that I didn't break down and cry.  I tried to hide it from Gavin.  I didn't want him telling his future brother some day.  Of course, I am writing this post and someday, he will probably read it, but by then he shouldn't have any doubts that we love him and cherish him!

The night I found out, my friends organized a little gathering of friends to announce what I was having.  Everyone was supposed to wear pink if they thought I was having a girl and blue if they thought I was having a boy.  I was supposed to wear what it  really was.  I wore a blue shirt with a pink sweatshirt over it.  I figured I could trick them since that is what happened to me!  It was a fun night and it was fun to be around such great friends.

I am so grateful to be pregnant and to have this little spirit growing inside me. I can honestly say that I love him so much already.  I will be a mom to 3 boys!  The thought overwhelms me a little bit, but I think we can handle it.  The two little guys I have already are so special and adorable and I know the 3rd little boy is going to be just as special.