Sunday, September 25, 2011

Where do I begin?

If I wait til I have time to catch up, I will never start blogging again.  Our life has been crazy over the last couple of months and I just haven't felt like blogging.  But, this week is a week of new beginnings and it's time to update the blog.  I am going to start with our most recent events and then I might have a few catch up posts because there really were some big events that can't be missed.  Let's start with Joshua. Here are some pictures that my friend Lesley took and that I am excited to have of him.

  He had his first bath (it took forever for his cord to fall off), he started smiling, and he is just starting to be a little more aware.  His brothers absolutely adore him.   They are constantly talking to him, patting him, kissing him.

He was blessed and luckily Grandma Miggy was here for that.  We were happy to have her here to help!

And now onto Eli who is growing up too fast.  He turned 4 September 10th.  We had nice family party with Grandma Miggy as our special guest.  We had a friend birthday at Gate Hill Day Camp a week later.  Eli continues to amaze us.  A few of his favorite things are  race cars, especially an Bugatti.  He loves lego duplos and building them into space ships.  He plays and plays with Gavin.  I love watching their little friendship grow.  Often at parks now they choose to play together even if they are there with other friends.  He adores Joshua.  He can't kiss, touch hug, talk to him enough.  He is my helper in the kitchen.

Gavin started 1st grade and his new teacher is Ms. Baldwin.  His favorite part of the day is still recess even if he can't participate much because of his arm (more on that later).  He also adores in little brother. He has changed more than anyone in the last little bit.  I want my boys to stay babies and they just won't! 

Most of my time is dedicated to the boys and to my my apartment, but I did get to go to a free Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion concert in Central Park.  It was quite the experience, but glad I got to go.

Boyd continues to work and work some more. :)  So, that is a quick update as to what is going on now.. I hope to do a few catch up posts, but if not, at least you know what we're up to these days!


Mackenzie said...

Loved your update. The pictures of Joshua are darling! xo

mysomedaylist said...

Love it, Em! Joshua is so cute and you look like you're adapting well to the new life. I hope that's true. Love your cute family!


rach said...

loving the update, what cute pictures of your boys! Glad all is well and can't wait to hear more of your fun life!

Hemingways said...

Congrats on a new baby boy, what great pics. We miss you guys, can't wait to read more.

Anna Min said...

I somehow missed this on my email...
Joshua looks so long in the Grandma Miggy pic! And those individual pics are amazing.