Sunday, August 16, 2009

On the Boardwalk

A few weeks ago we went to Ocean City to visit Boyd's Brother Joel and his family.. They were there visiting family and we couldn't resist driving up to see them while they were on the East Coast. Gavin was so excited to see his cousins!

Traffic was the worst it has ever been, but we made it to Ocean City where we had great time on the beach and at dinner. n it And then it was off to the Boardwalk where Gavin and Eli discovered they love amusement parks!

We love Coryn, Joel, JJ, Jensyn, and Lincoln

Summer Streets and Top Chef Master

Last Saturday was a beautiful day here in New York. The temperature only reached the high 70's with no humidity. We gave Gavin the option of the beach or a bike ride. He chose a bike ride. He was so wise. It was a perfect day for a ride, especially since they closed down Park Avenue to cars from 7am to 1PM and opened it up to bikers and pedestrians. So, we rode through Central Park and over to Park Avenue
and then all the way downtown where we crossed over to Battery Park and ate lunch and played at Rockefeller Playground. !

We then took the West Side path all the way back up to our house. I think the trip was approximately 2o miles! We were exhausted, but we loved it.
Boyd and I actually went out that night. We went to see the new Highline Park, which is a park converted out of the old elevated train tracks down in the meatpacking district. We then stumbled into a fabulous restaurant which happened to be Jonathan Waxman's Barbuto Restaurant and since I am huge fan of Top Chef masters, I was thrilled!

A Temporary Thomas Truce

The boys have been fighting a lot this summer, but they have also been playing a lot together. They go back and forth all day. I love to see it when they play side by side. They are both into Thomas the Train and is probably the source of most of their fun and their fights.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


The first week in July we went to Texas and our first stop was Amarillo to spend time with my sister and her family!
Can you imagine the fun we had with these 6 kids?

Loads for fun! We played and played. It was crazy at times, but for the most part it was just fun. The kids got along so well.. Nobody got sick until the last day or until after we left.. We went swimming where Gavin showed that he has no fear and Eli uncharacteristically showed fear, by by the end he was jumping into te deep end. We ate yummy food.. We bounced and bounced at Jump N Jive, we learned at the discovery center, we went on a hike, and the kids just played and bonded.

Anna Min and I also had a great time just being together. I am extremely jealous of my sister, which is why I hesitate to show a picture of us side by side. But, mostly I just admire my sister. She is such a great mom, a great friend, and a great sister. We had so much fun just spending time together. We were even able to play a game of tennis and play some volleyball pepper.
Boyd was able to be there for the first couple of days. We were able to celebrate the 4th of July together. We went to my some friends of my sisters where they had large slip n slide, bbq, water, golf, swings, trampoline, and of course fireworks. Jereme it was great to see you too!

After Amarillo, it was off to Dallas where we were able to spend a couple of days with our good friends, the Killoughs, who moved from New York a year and half ago and their absence is still felt! We had a great time playing and hanging out with them. Gavin and Meg spent the first couple years of their life around each other quite a bit, and they are still great friends!

They had just moved into their new home and were already willing to host us in their beautiful home. It was 105 degrees the whole time we were there, so we went to a few indoor things, like Cabella's and Gaylord Texas.

We also went to the Ft. Worth Stockades and got a little Texas culture in us!

and of course, ICE CREAM!

We had a wonderful time catching up with the Killoughs!
God Bless Texas!