Saturday, July 18, 2009

An evening out

When Boyd and I were dating, he gave me a gift for my birthday. Three or four weeks before my birthday, he told me he got me this gift and he couldn't wait to give it to me. He kept bringing it up. I kept speculating on what it could be and of course for a girl who loves surprises, I could hardly wait for my birthday. I didn't expect it be a ring at that point, so I am not exactly sure what I thought it would be. The big day came and the time for the unveiling arrived. I ripped the paper off to find... A picnic basket... I was dead silent. Now, don't think I was ungrateful for the picnic basket. I thought it was very romantic, but I think it the moment, I was unable to act as elated as I think he hoped I would. I guess I had been imagining many things in the all the work up for the day, that a picnic basket just didn't have the "surprise" factor. I guess I am telling this story because we finally used it for the 2nd time last night and it was perfect.

A very kind friend offered to watch the boys while we went to the free New York Philharmonic concert in the park. We have gone every year, but in the years prior we have sat way in the back and we have had the kids. We have never lasted more than a half an hour and we had never seen the fireworks that come after the concert. So this year, I decided to make it a romantic date for the 2 of us. I wanted to sit closer to the front. Diane told us that most people who get front spots got them early in the morning the day of and put blankets down and then leave. I was a bit hesitant to do this since I wasn't sure if that was a fair way to save seats (Monica, I am sure you won't be happy with me). But, I decided that since that is how most people do it, I am going to follow the crowd).

I got there early to put a tarp down, but I was informed by other seat savers that tarps aren't allowed and that the parks people will take the tarps if they see them. I decided to leave it anyway. When we returned an hour and half before the show, the crowds were so heavy I wasn't sure I would find my lone tarp. I luckily spotted one after climbing through crowds, but there were people sitting on it. It turns out it wasn't my tarp, my tarp blew onto the blanket front of the one they were sitting on. How convenient for them. We were about to leave, but a guy that I met earlier when I was there earlier saw me. He told me he saw my tarp fly and saved us a seat on his many blankets. What a nice guy.

We sat on our new friends blanket and pulled out our dinner from that special picnic basket and enjoyed a romantic evening together amongst our fellow New Yorkers..

It was cut short by lightening, so once again we missed the fireworks. Next weekend will be our 6th Anniversary and I am sure that we will have many more years of our own fireworks!


di said...

i am laughing about the picnic basket story - so funny! i remember when dan gave me an egg-poacher...what?? i'm so happy you and Boyd had a lovely picnic and there will be more NYPhil in the Park to come...

David and Jana said...

Happy Anniversary!! What a fun romantic adventure in the park! I love your updates, thankyou for sharing!

Matt and Jeni and kids said...

That made me laugh so hard!! LOL!!! You are the cutest thing ever Em. TMI on the fireworks thing, but hey, whatever! ;) Sounds like you won't be leaving tarps at concerts any time soon. he he