Sunday, May 3, 2009

I hope he doesn't feel jipped

A couple of weeks ago Eli wanted me to rock him in his arms. He is 20 months, so it seems like this wouldn't be a notable event, but it was to me. Of course, I rocked him when he was a newborn. But, after Gavin required rocking, nursing, singing, bouncing, and on and on to go to sleep, we wanted to make certain that Eli didn't need those things to go to sleep. It wasn't a problem. From very early on, he slept best when we just put him in his bed and let him go to sleep on his own. Now, all he requires is his pacifier (which he is becoming increasingly more dependent on and his blankie. ) and he falls asleep. He has never every really wanted to be rocked or held when trying to sleep. He is a cuddler, and he likes to be held, but he hasn't never really wanted to be rocked.

So, a couple of weeks ago I brought the boys into their room and I sat in the rocking chair to sing their good night songs. Eli started crying. He wanted to be held. I sat down and I rocked him and I sang to him. I rubbed his face. As I sat there, I realized I couldn't ever remember doing this with him since birth. He hasn't every really let me. It was a tender moment for me.

Now, when I bring him into bed at night he wants to be help for a bit. I hope I haven't erased 20 months of good sleep training. I don't mind rocking him for a few minutes before I put him in his bed.

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Jamie said...

Your boys are adorable, Emily!