Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Snow Fun

We've had a couple of snow days this winter and I failed to post pics of all the fun we had in the snow. The first pics are from January when we had snow day on MLK Day, so Boyd was home and we were able to have a great day of sledding and hot chocolate with the whole family and friends!

It snowed again this week and I attempted to take the boys out in the snow to build a snowman, but Frosty didn't quite make it. The snow was to dry to make into balls, so we improvised and made one like this. It made Gavin happy and that's what counts!

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Janell said...

very fun, em! it snowed here last night, but it is melting very quickly. my boys are now looking forward to spring and i'm (not) looking forward to all the mud being tracked in. hope you and your boys enjoy spring!