Friday, March 25, 2011

Guess who came for a visit?

Cousin Sophie!

Loren (Boyd's Brother), Erica, and Sophie came to visit us this past weekend.  They drove down from Boston during their spring break and we felt so lucky.  The boys absolutely adore Sophie.  Eli made sure she would be comfortable the first night by giving her his special blanket and special pillow.

At the park, Gavin and Eli fought over who would get to go down the slide and poor Sophie ended up in choke hold.

We had beautiful weather and got to enjoy time at the park and at the Central Park Zoo.

We also put our name in at Serendipity and got to eat some frozen hot chocolate and banana splits!

The adults were able to enjoy some time together to.  We went out to dinner and then to a Broadway show called Memphis .  We enjoyed both.  We played games and watched movies!

Thanks for coming Loren, Erica, and SOPHIE!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

A winter escape

In February, when we didn't think we could handle the winter much longer, we escaped to the beautiful islands of The Bahamas!  It was a true "vacation."  We spent our days moving from the pool, to the beach, and back to the pool.  We only took breaks for eating and sleeping.  The first day, I kept thinking to myself, "ok, what is next.".  I had to let go of my desire to always be planning the next thing.

It was beautiful. We also said we wouldn't watch any TV while there.  So we would get up in the morning with the boys around 6:30 or 7:00, get swimsuits on, head down to the pool to save our spots, go to breakfast, we would be by the pool at 8:30.

We would order lunch by the pool.  Then we would head to the beach for the afternoon.

Then we would back to the room to shower up.  Then we would go to dinner.  Then the boys would go to bed.  We would go to bed by 9. 

We were so rested by the ended of the week.  The boys loved the pool.  They got a pair of goggles the they just loved.  They were both fearless of the water by the end of the week.  Gavin has become quite the swimmer.
We did a lot of reading as well as a little resting.

We did do one outing and that was to Blue Lagoon Island where we went to a Dolphin Encounter.   The boys loved it and we enjoyed playing with Salvador.  We spend the rest of the day on that beautiful island sleeping in hammocks and playing at the beach. 

We did head to the local "Fish Fry" for dinner one night

We went on a Jet Ski for 20 minutes and the boys loved it!
We had a very memorable trip and we hope to make it back there again someday or somewhere like it again soon!

The view from our balcony.

Monday, March 7, 2011

The buzz

This was all Boyd could do it fix it.  Every time he walks in the room I have to do a double take because I don't recognize him!  I just keep telling myself it will grow back and atleast I don't have to comb it everyday.  He won't have hat hair everyday!

Eli's hair cut

Eli decided to cut his hair this weekend.  He did quite the job.  He cut all the way to the scalp in many places. I shed a tear or two.  I have loved his hair, but hair grows back.