Wednesday, April 29, 2009


It has been a fun month. We have had visits from my parents, Boyd's sister Sherilyn and Boyd's Mom. Gavin was particularly excited for their visits.

The best part is the quality bonding time that the boys had to spend with their grandparents who love them so much. Being so far away from family, our boys have to form bonds quickly. Often when we visit family over holidays it is hard to form those bonds because there is usually so much going on, so many people, and long lists of to do's. That is why we cherish the time that the boys can have with Grandma and Grandpa, and Grandma Miggy when they come to visit. I watched as they grew so much closer in a few short days. It makes Boyd and I so happy. We know how important it is for the Gavin and Eli to feel their grandparents love.

Here are some highlights from their visits!

My parents visit so fun. IT was hard to see them go, because the kids won't see them until they return from their mission or not until we go visit them. We visited Montauk, the eastern end of Long Island. We took a beach walk to see seals, we visited a lighthouse, and we flew a kite. It was a perfect day. WE also visited the zoo while we were here.

We had a great time with Sherilyn. Hopefully, she got to see all she wanted and we hope she heads our way for school next year. We also went to an indoor waterpark with the boys!

Grandma Miggy was able to be here for Boyd's birthday. Boyd's and his mom's birthday gift were tickets to South Pacific on Broadway. We visited the botanical gardens and did the Brooklyn Bridge. I loved watching her and Gavin on the Carousel. I think we tired her out!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Get is right MOM!

Gavin corrected me. It is with a "d." It is "Da-Ha Woo-hoo, Here we go!"
Thanks to Boyd we have a video of it!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Yeah Yeah! Woo hoo--here we go!

I have failed to blog about an essential part in Gavin's life and the whole families as well. His scooter. Santa delivered one for Gavin at Christmas. Gavin's good friends both had one and recommended this particular brand. I wasn't sure how he would take to it. He didn't seem particularly interested in his friend's scooter. I worried that he would be a bit scared of it since he is a very cautious boy.

I was so wrong! He took to the scooter right away and had no fears. He was surprisingly really coordinated and was not scared at all. He would even crouch down so that he could go faster.

It is now his primary form of transportation. He rarely rides in the stroller anymore. We walk everywhere and he rides his scooter along side us. Well, he usually is ahead of us and that has been a bit of a struggle to get him to stay with us.

Now when he gets on it he yells, Yeah, Yeah, Woo-hoo! Her we go!

We love it!
the scooter Gang

Here is a picture of him and Lucas in action! They have a great time riding together!