Friday, November 23, 2012

Eating Cake

We celebrated Joshua's birthday again with Boyd with a cake and some presents! Joshua got to his cake before we could cut it, so we just let him keep going!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Joshua's Birthday Party, August 17

We had a simple birthday playdate for Joshua's birthday party this year. We held it at The Great Hill. I lugged the tunnel and the ball tent for the little kids to play with. I also brought balls and rocket balloons for the older kids. I made a cake and covered in sprinkles and made a large 1 with Almond bark and sprinkles. We also had grapes and watermelon. It was such a fun time. Joshua was a little grumpy that day, but the cupcake was a highlight for him. He could hardly eat it fast enough. Thanks to my super talented friend Lesley of Kensington Blue photography  of for the amazing pictures. When I got these pictures back I cried because they were so good and they captured the feelings we had that day. So, thanks again, Lelsey.
My stroller was my pack mule once again.  This was after the party and the food is gone.  Can you believe I got it all there?   Lelsey picked up the balloons.